Behind the Smiling Daisy


                Top: Harley, my Corgi furbaby   Bottom: My granddog, Trixie Belle

Thank you so much for dropping by to meet me and see my collection.  The love of vintage and the hunt for great treasure was passed on to me by my mom .  As early as age eight I remember going on treasure hunts with her to old broken down homes or around creeks in Round Rock, Texas looking for antique bottles.  There are some snake stories in those memories and I am not sure we should have been in some of those places!  But mom's true passion ended up being jewelry which she eventually passed on to me.  Old, new, pre-owned - it really did not matter to her.  I have acquired that same eclectic taste which is evident in the variety of my collections.  I do have a special affection for vintage jewelry and its history as it appeals to my sentimental, romantic nature.  I also personally favor, hearts, crosses, beautiful metal work and sterling.

I have been selling for about twenty-eight years and have been selling online since 2000, starting on eBay and then moved to Etsy in 2008.

Next to my family and jewelry, I am all about my dogs and grand-dog!  Harley "helps" me work on my online shops and keeps us safe by alerting us to any unusual bugs or noises.  She loves walking and eating. Trixie is almost human she is so smart, but she also has an anxiety issue and is overprotective of her mama (my daughter).  She is such a sweetheart and also brings us lots of joy.

Please visit my other shops below for a wide variety of vintage and antique jewelry, accessories and home decor.  My shops are my passion and I hope it shows!

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Thanks so much for taking time to get to know me!



                   Mom in the mid-fifties.  
                  Thanks for passing your love of vintage jewelry on to me.  
                I miss "the hunt" with you!